Mr. Neurotic: BioVlog 144 of 384

Like Mr. Cool, Mr. Hugs besieges me with moneymaking offers to cheat for them. So do other organized crime family members within that area that is known as “San Diego’s Little Italy.” It is Hugs’ brother-in-law, whom I identified above by the pseudonym, Mr. Neurotic. 

Neurotic has owned greyhound and horse race tracks south-of-the-border in Tijuana, where he’s also involved with Jai Lai, a popular betting game in Mexico. The family is said to have “laundered” a lot of ill-gotten cash and now owns many legitimate businesses around the state and across the country. 

Neurotic is always smartly dressed. He has the lithe physique of a professional tennis player, and he exudes nervous energy. He is almost flighty – always on the move, nervously looking here, there, and over his shoulder, and appears ready to leap without looking, as if a bullet may be coming his way. Whenever I’m around Mr. Neurotic I can’t help thinking: This guy is twitchier than Mayberry’s Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife.” (Hence the pseudonym Mr. Neurotic.)

However, it is Mr. Neurotic that is the one trying to make offers too outrageously good to be refused. 

The Cheat, Protect Yourself, Bottoms to a Confederate