Nerve-Wracking: BioVlog 105 of 384

I immediately shift the audience’s attention to five coins that I hold in my right hand. “Here,” I say, “I have five shiny silver half-dollars. Now watch closely.” 

I execute a secret move and I am now rolling one coin across my left knuckles, and four coins across my right knuckles. The piece magically ends with all five coins eventually rolling across the knuckles of my left hand. 

Then I do a little juggling with the coins, and I roll two half dollars moving in opposite directions across my knuckles. Next I roll a novelty nickel five times the size of a silver dollar. This generates a nice applause. 

Now I’m ready to close with my Double Signed Card routine. 

I have the lady on my right sign the back of a red card, and the lady on my left sign the face of a blue card. The cards alternately and magically appear from inside my hat, a pocket, from under the table, within my wallet, and, finally, inside a sealed deck of playing cards. The kicker is that it turns out to be the same card, one lady’s signature on the back, and the other lady’s signature on the face. It is a nerve-wracking piece of sleight-of-hand. 

Double Signed Card Routine