Opening Night: BioVlog 104 of 384

The big night has finally arrived, and I’m standing apprehensively behind the curtain separating me from the audience seated in the Magic Castle’s Close-Up Gallery. 

The host pokes his head in and asks, “Richard, are you ready?”

“I think so,” I say, as I wipe my moist hands down the legs of my pants, for what must be the twentieth time.

The emcee announces me, and since I have no real credits, the host merely says simply, “Please welcome a new performer to the Magic Castle, Mister Richard Turner – The Cheat!”  

My goal is to have the audience stare at my hands from the moment I begin my performance. Like Steve Terrell taught me, I am going to do my best to look toward their voices, but I am still so nervous that I might forget, and they will notice my eyes that seem to stare off into Never-Never-Land.  

Speaker, Analyze Obstacles and Assets