No Nose: BioVlog 40 of 384

Douglas continues, “Sensei Murphy is in combat with the bear-size man. “Sensei, with a grand heave of his body, swung the bear around and clamped his teeth onto the bear’s nose. This was an incredulous, action-movie moment that, in retelling seems exaggerated. Yet it happened, and it was jaw dropping. Onlookers stood wide-eyed as Sensei, his teeth still locked onto the Bear’s nose, jerked his head to and fro. The Bear’s head thrashed around in synch and, by then, he was mewling. Then, just as suddenly, Sensei’s head pulled away from the Bear’s face, causing the brute to yelp in pain. The reason was immediately clear. At first, due to the huge gushing of blood, the onlookers thought Sensei had bit through the Bear’s jugular vein, but then they saw most of the Bear’s nose dangling from Sensei’s teeth. The bear was bleeding copiously from his nose. Then they saw where the blood gushed and the Bear screamed franticly in total panic, ‘You bit off my nose!  You bit off my frigging nose!’  

The Bear shuddered as he weakly dropped to his knees and began crying.” 

I can sense Douglas glaring at me. “You hearing what I’m saying, Mr. Turner? Listen up. Never, ever, ever, look for a fight. You never know what’s in store. You might be facing a bear-like monster!”