No Understudy: BioVlog 71 of 384

We are on the second week of a six week LP tour and we’re setting up to do a show at Boulder University. All the buildings have rocks sticking from the sides of the walls. And of course my first impulse is to start climbing straight up the building. Bernelle Hansen, the Lamb’s Players stage manager says sternly, “Rick get down right now! I’m not going to tolerate any more of your crazy antics.” 

We tour on to shows in Arizona. After the shows Jim Price and I climb through an inner trap door of the theater to the forty-foot high roof; we just want to take in the fresh air. 

The roof is surrounded by a three foot safety wall that is about three inches wide. To Jim’s irritation, frustration and paranoia I climb onto the three inch rim (with a forty-foot drop) to my left, and I tight walk around the building with Jim Price trying – almost ordering me – to stop and get down. He says in his deep booming theatrical voice, “If you are gonna risk your life wait until the tour is over…we have no understudy!”