Seeing With the Mind: BioVlog 70 of 384

Steve says compassionately, “Rick, I love you, brother, but you are looking off to the side of Randy and Lynn as you speak to them. I know you have trouble seeing them, but it doesn’t look right, Rick; it just doesn’t look right.  I know you can’t see anything forward, but do you think you can turn your head towards their voices when you speak to them? You are an actor: like an actor will play the part of a blind man, so you flip it and play the part of a sighted character. It would really help make your performance more natural from the audience’s point of view.”

Relieved that I’m not losing my part, I say confidently, “Sure, Steve, I think I can do that.”

(Steve tips me to something very profound. From that moment on, I begin turning my head to squarely face voices, both on stage and, after considerable practice, during my everyday interactions with folks in all phases of life, and it will prove to be the very foundation of my success as a sight-impaired performer.)