Not one Dime: BioVlog 92 of 384

I move the three cards back and forth, now and then flashing the queen, showing how easy it is to follow the lady. “But,” I explain clearly, “if you don’t get the queen, I get the coat for free.”  

He agrees, and I throw the three cards and win the coat.

I say compassionately, “Tell you what, I’ll give you a chance to win the coat back.  I’ll bet the coat against a pair of pants.”

“Okay,” he says reluctantly, “I’ll give it another try.”

Again the salesman loses. I say to him, “I’m sure you’re just a worker here, and this will likely come out of your own pocket. So, I’ll give you one more chance to get your clothes back. I’ll bet the coat and pants against a shirt and tie.” 

He takes a deep breath and says worried, “Okay, but like you said, this will be the last bet.”

He missed!

I am walking on clouds as I leave the store. I have a new suit for my first trip to the Magic Castle, and I didn’t pay a dime. 

Sucker Salesman