I’ll Pay Double: BioVlog 91 of 384

The thought of cutting high card for the coat sends thrills of excitement through my veins! With a passive poker face I say, “Okay. Sure. Why not!”

The salesman holds up his open hands, nervously takes a step back and says, replacing his phony smile with his mouth wide open, “Hold it, I’m just kidding!”

With a friendly smile I say, “Take me to your checkout counter. I have something you might like to play.” 

I pull a stack of bills from my pocket and lay them on the counter as I grab my deck of cards. I thumb the cards two inches from my left eye and remove two twos and a queen saying nonchalantly, “I broke my glasses. Now, I am going to move these three cards around, and if you find the queen, I’ll pay double for the coat; you pocket the difference!” 

He says with an anxious smile, “Really? You’ll pay double?”  

I say with an engaging grin, “Really, multiplying your commission!”

Live Show, Beethoven and 3 Card Monte