Repeat That Demonstration: BioVlog 165 of 384

The next night Ali says graciously, “Richard, I would like to invite you to join me in my Presidential Suite.” 

Along with Ali’s wife, Veronica, there are five other celebrated magicians, including John Cornelius and the misdirection artist, my slick friend Tony Slydini. 

The Champ grabs me by the shoulder with one of his huge paws and says, “Richard, please sit down and show me more of your stuff.” 

Ali sits inches away, watching like a hawk. Over and over, he asks, “Repeat that demonstration. How can you make it so you always win? That is so good!”  He keeps saying, “That is so good!” Ali stops and barks at his manager, “Bring me a pen and an eight by ten, the one with the three action shots.” Ali scribbles for a moment and then hands me the photo. “This is what I wrote: ‘To Richard Turner from Muhammad Ali – March 22 – ‘82. You are the greatest card mechanic of all times.’”

Video of Muhammad Ali’s Inscription