Slurping Soup: BioVlog 166 of 384

Ali moves back to the dinner table where his wife Veronica places a bowl of soup before him. 

Slydini is sitting at the head of the table saying, “Mr. Ali, Mr. Ali, please watch, I have six coins.”  

Ali, however, is focused on slurping his soup. Regardless of what Slydini does to attract his attention, Ali keeps slurping. So, Slydini asks, “Are you going to eat or watch?”

John Cornelius yells, “Hey, leave the Champ alone. If he wants to eat, let him eat. After all, he’s “bigger!”

Ali startles everybody by jumping to his feet and thrusting out an accusatory finger. “What did you call me?” His booming voice could have cracked the walls.

“What?” It dawns on Cornelius what Ali is insinuating. “Oh my God! No, Ali! I didn’t say N—the n-word,” Cornelius pleads. “I said “bigger.” Ali is “bigger!”  

Ali slowly sits down, muttering, “I guess I misheard.”  

The room remains dead silent. Everyone is doing his or her best to look at someone – anyone – other than Ali. Then, Ali lightly nudges me with his elbow, whispering, “Richard, I’m just funnin’ with him.”

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