Riskiest Move: BioVlog 76 of 384

As I play, I’m thinking, “I hate drug dealers!” From a few hours of their marijuana smoking and (likely using other drugs) I notice how loosely the play is from the stoned, stupid-sounding gamblers, and I’m easily able to gather a pair or trips and stack them. 

I offer the deck to be cut. Now comes the riskiest cheating-move that I have to execute. I slide one-half of the deck into my left hand and then the other half on top, apparently completing the cut. But, using my right hand and the edge of the table as cover, I flip the bottom half back to the top, nullifying the cut, thus leaving the stacked cards ready to deal.

After a profitable bit of play, Jim comes back from his hike and I use his arrival as an excuse to leave the game – with a nice stack of greenbacks.