Table Talk 9

“Seated at my table again is Lori, karate Master John Douglas, stuntman Bobby Yerkes and writer-actress Kerry Jo. Can you all please share those crazy shuffling stories?”   “Yeah,” Jon, Lori says, “Growing up my brother would have me pretend to be a member of his audience. He would perform his magic tricks and card moves until I couldn’t take it any longer. I couldn’t believe that someone would sit there for hours and hours practicing with those worn out cards!”  Douglas says, “Jon, while traveling we all stayed in a hotel together, and when Rick laid down on the bed to go to sleep he had a deck of cards in each hand, and he was shuffling the cards while listening to the TV.  Then, as he drifted off to sleep, his hands stopped moving. The next morning…this is exactly what happened…His hands started shuffling the cards again…before his eyes opened up!”  Yerkes replies with an amusing grin. “I taught Rick his falls and trapeze skills…He helped me train the celebrities for the TV show Circus of the Stars. But this just reveals his fanatic personality. One night I checked to see how he was doing…He was asleep in bed and he had a deck of cards on his chest…And he was shuffling them in his sleep!”    “Well, this tops everything,” Karri says with a sly snicker, “Mary got so frustrated she said to me, ‘You know what? The other night, we were in bed making love, and I heard this shuffling sound’…John, he was practicing his shuffling with one hand…while they were making love!”