Round Two: BioVlog 191 of 384

I now face Terry Crook, a very resolute fighter whom is known for his wicked combination of a step-up heel hook instantly followed up by a roundhouse kick with the same leg, ending with a front hand jab. I’m fairly adept at slipping the heel hook, but I keep getting tagged by Crook’s follow-up roundhouse kick, not to mention several bulls-eye kicks to my groin. Thump! Thump! Thump! “Ouch!”

I attack him with a flurry of punches and kicks, but then Crook squarely jabs me (through my blind hole) right on the button, bam! Everybody hears the cartilage in my nose pop. It sounds like a baseball slammed into a catcher’s mitt. It hurts like hell! My eyes start watering and I think it is over. I’m finished! I taste blood slowly leaking inward and, petrified, I ask Mr. Napoleon, “Is my nose bleeding?”

“No,” he lies, “That’s just snot!” He spins me towards Crook and says with a shove, “Keep fighting!”

We’re down to the last few seconds when I finally get one on Crook.  I sweep him with my left leg, jabbing with my left hand which drops him hard to the mat on his back just as they shout, “Time!”

BB Round 2