Round Three: BioVlog 192 of 384

My opponent in round three is Kimko, He is five inches taller than I am and, while he has more reach than I have, he is in my weight category. Kimko swipes at my head with a high roundhouse kick that doesn’t land. Any time someone lifts their leg for a head shot I know their groin is wide open. I instantly counter with a low swooping kick then raise it straight up and it slightly lifts him off the floor by his testicles. His eyes bulge with pain.  (At Murphy’s school shots to the groin are accepted as legitimate targets.) Kimko didn’t learn his lesson. Again he swipes with another roundhouse kick to my left ear, and I give him another swift kick to the testicles. Due to my nailing the groin shots, he’s now on the defensive. His characteristic ferocity slackens as he cautiously bobs and weaves, trying to recover from the pain, safely striking when it is opportune. I apply a technique whereby I purposely open myself up for a kick to my midsection. (Due to hundreds of daily stomach exercises, my abs are like layers of rocks.) I offer-up my midsection, and Kimko takes the bait. He shoves a sidekick into my firm stomach, I move forward into the kick, nullifying much of its effectiveness. Then I strategically counter with a punch, which I follow with a leg sweep and a kick just before they yell, “Time!”

BB Round 3