Secret Hole: BioVlog 24 of 384

In the fall of 1968 I start high school. I am bored with all my classes except for two. I have an affinity for art and drama. Unfortunately, from a moral standpoint, these classes attract other non-conformists, outcasts, and druggies. What draws me to them is they don’t taunt or tease me about my vision problems. They all call me Little Rick, which I like much better than Magoo. 

I partner up with another druggy, Doug Ferguson. To increase our stash, Doug and I move from store to store and shoplift various things. I wear a cheap pair of heelless brown cowboy boots and Levis.  I cut a hole in the inner part of the left pant leg. This allows me to discreetly shove small items through the hole. The pilfered items fall down my pant leg and into my boot. This proves to be a fool proof scam and Doug and I make good money selling the merchandise. 

To further support our business, Doug steers drug-using suckers to me to fleece. He prods and cajoles the marks by saying slyly, “See if you can beat the blind dude!”

So, my job is to con the suckers with a trick, or to cheat them in card games for some of their stash or cash.