Hollow Decks: BioVlog 25 of 384

“Hey Doug,” I say proud with my clever new idea, “Look what I came up with. This is an ingenious way to hide our stash of drugs… What I did is hollow out the bottom half of a deck of cards and then glue them together.” I turn the deck over and show him, “Then I glued a few more cards to the bottom of the hole.” I turn the deck face up, “And look here. I glued a flap card on one end on top. This makes it easy to access the inner chamber, which is large enough to hold a spoon of heroin, crystal meth or many tabs of acid.” I lay the remaining cards on top of the flap and show Doug how it looks like a normal deck of cards. I explain pleased, “I made one for each of us, and depending on what is inside, I marked the card box with a big “C” for “crystal” or an “A” for acid, so we can tell them from normal decks.

“That’s like your idea with the jeans with the secret hole,” Doug says approvingly. “Cool idea.”