Shadowing the Professor: BioVlog 95 of 384

My brain keeps replaying what Vernon said. “I don’t care how fine the brief is. When you deal like that, I know you’re up to something. It’s unnatural looking!” 

It was only one line, but it came from The Master himself. So, I begin to analyze every movement of my different deals, and I don’t practice them two hours a day, nor three, nor four, but right around fourteen to eighteen hours every day. I work on the moves in slow motion. I keep working on them until the moves are embedded into my neural network creating the muscle-memory necessary for the moves to become a subconscious habit. Now I’m unconsciously practicing as I go about my daily activities. But that’s not enough. In between LP shows, I shadow Vernon everywhere. I meet up with him at the Castle, confab with him at the Las Vegas Desert Magic Seminars, and I confer with him at other magic conventions and fraternal gatherings. Wherever Vernon makes an appearance, I am like his relentless, pestering shadow; “Surprise, Professor, here I am!”

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