Unnatural Looking: BioVlog 94 of 384

I have the Godfather mobster, Giorgio burning my hands. I want to turn and run when Wagner says, “Richard, show Professor some of your seconds.”

Though scared and intimidated, I press on by demonstrating my two card push-off second deal. 

Again Giorgio blurts out, “Won’t get the money!” 

During the deal, I unknowingly rock my left hand so much that Vernon is no more impressed than Giorgio. 

Vernon says disapproving, “I don’t care how fine the brief is. When you deal like that, I know you’re up to something. It’s unnatural looking.” He grabs my left hand and holds it still. He tells me to keep dealing. “Now, that’s better.” Vernon says. 

But, Giorgio blurts out once again, this time with the voice of an enforcer’s resolve, “Still won’t get the money!”  

I leave the Magic Castle excited to have met Vernon, but I realize that The Professor was right…I need to work on the naturalness of my deals. 

Protect Yourself, The Cheat, Spotting Unnatural Second Deals