She Can’t See This: BioVlog 28 of 384

When the heroin cocktail hits my heart I start convulsing and gasping for air. I can’t breathe! Terrified, I think, “I’m gonna die!”  

My body is bouncing and flopping off the floor like a fish out of water. I lay there continuing to gasp, choke and cough, certain that this is the end. As I’m gasping and flopping, Big Tom’s girlfriend, Lanie, starts pounding on the front door, as it’s her apartment. 

She screams, “Tom, open up!” 

Big Tom says paranoid, “She can’t see this. Get him out of here!” 

I feel them grab me by the ankles and drag me to the back bedroom. The blurry images I see in my half daze are like phantoms in a nightmare. 

Doug opens the window; they both heft me up and throw me out the opening, where I crash to the concrete below. My body smashes hard, and even though I am barely conscious, it hurts badly.  Then I pass out!