Heroine Hot-Shot: BioVlog 27 of 384

Everything comes to a nasty end when my partner, Doug, thinks I cheated him. Doug and our supplier, Big Tom, try to kill me with a hot-shot. Big Tom holds up a large “kit” (a homemade device for shooting-up) that has an extra-large eye-dropper attached to the rubber grape. 

Doug takes it and says with a sound of menace in his voice, “We are going to make something special for you!” 

“Instead of using water as the base,” Big Tom says like a proud, award-winning chef, “I am going to use rum.”  With the rum, a pinch of coffee, some coco, and my best smack.” 

He puts a flame under the bent spoon to cook it up. He ties me off and Doug shoots the concoction into my veins.