Sixth race to Place: BioVlog 142 of 384

Undaunted, Mr. Cool again invites me to dinner to negotiate other supposedly mutually beneficial business propositions, and he decides to give me a freebie. As the boat is rocking and we are eating, he casually advises, “Here’s a free tip. At the Del Mar race track, bet on this horse in the sixth race to place.” 

(Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I made no bet, but Blowers checked the paper, and that horse did come in second. It really made me wonder, “Just how far, and to what degree do his tentacles reach?”)

Despite his involvement in all this criminal activity I am really growing to like Mr. Cool. He is always polite and respectful. So, I invite him to be my guest at the Magic Castle, which he and his always beautiful date for the night, love. 

(Not long after our Castle visit, I heard on the evening news that the operation run by Mr. Cool and an associate (a name I recognized as belonging to one of the five top New York crime families) were raided for the second time.) 

The Cheat, Protect Yourself, Black Jack on the Bottom