Sucker Punch: BioVlog 39 of 384

“The bear was undeterred. He shrugged, violently shoved his way past Murphy, quickly turned around, and threw a sucker punch towards Sensei’s face. Sensei blocked the blow, and then countered by slamming his conditioned, rock hard knuckles against the side of the bear’s skull, and the punch was perfectly planted. The bear’s head bucked to the side as he fell to his knees. By the time his knees hit the floor, Sensei scrambled onto his back and thrusted an arm under the bear’s chin and against his neck, pressing him into a choke-hold.” Everybody in the store heard the bear’s grunt. Murphy slammed the brute down and they all ran over for a look at the shopping carts crashing against walls as the bear’s legs thrashed. “He gasped for air as Sensei kept him pinned down, but the bear managed to clench his teeth onto Murphy’s thumb and clampdown hard!

Chomping down on Sensei Murphy’s thumb was bad news for the bear. This aroused the Bushido Spirit drilled into Murphy’s brain during his Japanese training. He reasoned, “turn-around is fair play!”