“Relaxing around my table is card-counter Bobby Singer, award winning magician Johnny Ace Palmer, and once again fighter John Douglas. Bobby, I understand your first meeting with Richard was worthy of a TV episode and Johnny, your comic book story….Well I’ll let you tell it.”

“Yes, Jon,” Singer says, “I first had the privilege of meeting Richard in the early 80’s while appearing on a TV show. I was there trying to show the viewing audience the effects of card counting while playing the game of Blackjack. They told me the man in the tuxedo dealing to us was an employee of the station. I can’t begin to state how hilarious the episode was as Richard manipulated the results with his incredible skills.”

Palmer says, “This was not TV but another strange appearance in a comic book of all things. Whit Haydn, Richard, and I are named by The Spirit as the top magicians who were his mentors, in the December 2008 edition of D.C. Comics’ ‘The Spirit.’ Whit said to us, ‘You know you’ve made it when you are the subject in a comic book.’ This is something I’ll tell my Grandkids for sure…LOL!”

“Rick is a comic book character without even being in one!” Douglas says with a laugh. 

“Bobby, for that show I was Rick’s ride. I was in the sound booth with the director watching when Rick was put in as a ringer. That was fun to witness!”

 “Yeah, and shortly thereafter,” Singer says, “Richard traveled with me for about a year entertaining my audiences, a year with a true gentleman.”