Magicians or Mechanics: BioVlog 157 of 384

I’ve decided to enter the highly combative Desert Magic Seminar Competition in Las Vegas, hosted by the Vegas headliners, Siegfried and Roy. It’s a downright cutthroat rivalry among the world’s most notable and talented magicians. The odds-makers are certainly not favoring a card mechanic. Vernon confides to me and I can hear the murmuring: they are saying that “I’m an anomaly and a real long shot to win a magic competition.” 

Reporter Busby says coldly to TV producer Dennis Marks, “Nobody can win a magic competition with only a deck of cards, and without performing any magic. It has never been done before, and it won’t happen with this blind kid who thinks he’s something when he’s really nothing.” 

Marks is just listening, taking it all in. He does not reply because he is scheduled to be one of the judges. 

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