At my table sharing with me their observations are again pick-pocket King Bob Arno, gaming protection expert Steve Forte and a new guest cardman Simon Lovell.

Gentleman please carry on.”

“Of course Jon.” Arno says, “I believe Richard’s drive to overcome every challenge, is a single-minded obsession which was probably already within him prior to his visual decline.”

“Jon,” Forte says, “Richard taught me that words such as, ‘Count Your Blessings’ shouldn’t be empty clichés, and that there’s never any reason for making excuses.  I’m reminded of the old adage, ‘The person who really wants to do something finds a way; others find excuses.’  For most of us, these words – and many more with similar messages – only hit home after you meet someone extraordinary like Richard Turner.”

“Yes Steve,” Lovell adds, “Richard taught me that regardless of what happens nothing is impossible. We whine about having a cold and having to work while Richard is blind and does some of the best card work ever seen on this planet – or indeed other planets. If he wants to do something he just does it regardless of difficulty or obstacles … an inspiring philosophy!”