“Before Richard starts his black belt test I’m getting fighting observations from John Douglas, Sean Murphy, Diego Gonzalez and Sensei John Murphy. 

Men, as a fighter, do you think Richard is more intuitive than analytical, or vice-versa?”

“Well Mr. Racherbaumer,” Douglas observes, “Although Mr. Turner possesses excellent analytical skills, his poor vision has compelled him to fully develop his intuitive skills.”

“Watch out Mr. Racherbaumer,” Sean says with a sigh. “With that intuition, he can be very dangerous if you get too close! When we spar at half speed, Mr. Turner is infamous for sucker-punching you if he has a chance. His half speed seems to get faster the closer you get to him. I would think to myself, ‘Don’t let him punch you, because it will hurt big-time!’ There is definitely some trust lacking on my part in those situations.”

“Si, si,” Gonzalez agrees. “Mr. Turner hits so hard and fights so strong and fast that I was the one that had to watch for myself. The other karate fighters say the same thing as I experienced: he hits hard!” 

“Mr. Racherbaumer,” Sensei Murphy says, “When Rick first started training I told everybody ‘don’t knock him out don’t injure him.’ But then Rick started hitting people, and he liked it!”