Shark Wrestling: BioVlog 185 of 384

I want this shark-he’ll feed a thousand! “Randy, don’t shoot him again!” I yell firmly. “We might lose him like the last one. Gaffer, hang on tight while I loop a noose around his tail!” I am determined not to lose this beautiful babe. I yell out, “If I can successfully loop its tail, we’ll have him!” 

I figure I am safe enough as Gaffer has him hooked by the head and I hope Randy’s slug has slowed him down a bit. I reach into the water and grab the wiggling whopper by the lower midsection and lock the seven-footer with my 80-pound-curling left arm. Once I get a hold of it and feel how wiggly and strong it is, I realize I may have bit off more than I can chew. I continue to wrestle, struggle, and wrestle some more, hoping the muscular monster does not come loose from Gaffer’s hook, as I do not want a big bite across my back or to have its tail whip me off the boat into the water. I continue to muscle the strong, flopping sea-monster with my flaming left bicep, struggling for several more minutes, finally, with my right hand, fastening a noose around the slippery shark’s tail. We pull the beautiful beast into the boat and squeal with joy, “Got him!” 

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