Table Talk 3

“At my table, we have Lamb’s Players Actor Lynn Hansen and Richard’s sidekick since high school Jim Blowers. I’d like you both to open with your initial reminiscences when first meeting Richard.”

Well, Jon,” Lynn says, “What I thought about Rick was mostly sad or dramatic. He would tell us that one of his friends died from an overdose each time we returned from tour.”  

“Yeah” Blowers adds, “When I met Rick in high school, he was about fourteen, he was a little, well…pathetic, and a lot of people we knew are now dead, I always thought he would be next.”

Lynn adds, “We were eating supper at our house one night, and he described what he was seeing, that a few yards away all he could see was squirming purple worms.” 

“Like the squirming worms,” Blowers adds, “It’s a bit exhausting being around Rick, because he’s always shuffling, kicking or doing something!”