Twisted Colors: BioVlog 22 of 384

I took the Purple Haze and I’m nervously waiting. The powerful tab of LSD starts to take effect over the next hour. It is really bad! I’m lost! What vision I have is all twisted around with objects and colors flying everywhere, and everything sounds like a record playing faster and then slower. Nothing is normal! “Help me, help me! I cry, oh no, no. No!” 

My mother can tell something is wrong, that I have taken something I shouldn’t have. “If you don’t tell me what you took,” she threatens, “I’m calling the police!”

In disgust she leaves. After she is gone, I tell Debra, “I took LSD and it is freaking me out!” 

My sister puts her arms around me and coos, “You’ll be okay, Ricky. You’ll be okay.” 

The soothing sound of her voice pacifies me, and I realize that the weirdness I am experiencing will pass away. “Things will be normal again. At least I hope so!”