The Biggest Magic Trick of All: BioVlog 113 of 384

My biggest coup performing nightly aboard the riverboat results from the free publicity I provide to the boat. My performances have become stories to be written about in magazines and newspapers and featured on international TV and radio. As a result, after the first year, my contracts are structured such that I’m paid when I’m on location, but I’m also paid when I’m off-site performing elsewhere as their spokesperson and ambassador, hence multiple paychecks plus more time at the Castle with Vernon and the boys. 

Along with shows on the riverboat and Castle, I’m doing all forms of media appearances, also as a private entertainer for the rich, famous, and infamous while I am simultaneously promoting the riverboat, thereby increasing the owner’s attendance and profits. Most importantly, there is never any mention of my impaired vision at any of these performances. For all practical purposes, I’m finally playing the role of a sighted person as Steve Terrell encouraged me to do, and few audience members ever know the truth.