Can’t Be Done: BioVlog 112 of 384

I’m shaking hands with the exciting guest exiting my show. Professor Vernon walks out of the close-up theater raving, “Richard, what the Hell were you doing in there?” Inside I am flattered as Vernon continues to rave, “I don’t understand it!” Professor continues to marvel, “Richard, what the Hell were you doing?! How did you deal those good cards after the ladies kept shuffling?”

“Remember when you said dealing out pat hands with the real work and my push-off sweep second couldn’t be done?” I ask. I lean into the Professor as though to share a secret. “Well, what you said couldn’t be done is . . . well . . . what I actually did!”  

Once again, Vernon gushes over Richard in Genii magazine: 

“In the close-up room we’ve had some truly skillful performers the past two weeks: Bruce Cervon, Martin Nash, Gerald Kosky, and Richard Turner. The cleverness of the first three mentioned is known to all; however, the latter’s name should be remembered because he does things very few could possibly duplicate. With cards – seconds, bottoms, and centers in perfect rhythm. And with coins – he rolls several at the same time with both hands working in unison.”