The Enemy Vincible: BioVlog 122 of 384

I dealt Mr. Know-It-All the winning hand just as I said I could do. I’m letting him savor the win for a few seconds before revealing him to his minions, as Sun Tzu would say, as “The Enemy Vincible” rather than who he thinks he is “Invincible.” Pinning Mr. Know-It-All with a radiating glare, I say, “Hold it! What just happened was not coincidental. I told you that you could shuffle and cut, name the game, the number of players, and who would be the winner, and . . . if you remember precisely what I said . . . I told you that I would make it happen, and it just did!”

Know-It-All is puzzled. “What are you talking about? I’m the one that said four players. I’m the one that shuffled, called the game, and I said I’d be the winner…and I was!”

Inside I’m smiling, “Okay, now I understand your conditions.” With an undetectable grin, I think, amusingly, “You are not going to like how this is going to turn out.” 

I shrug and casually say smoothly, “Okay…get your money out and let’s keep playing.”