“At my table I have casino game protection expert George Joseph. George, when did you first meet Richard…and do you have any interesting observations?”

“Well Jon, I was first introduced to Richard sometime in either 1978 or 1979. 

Richard dealt the real work flawlessly and better than the fella who taught me years back in Detroit; actually, better than anyone I’ve ever seen. All of Richard’s work was undetectable and without tells. Previously, I had a couple of heavyweight guys from New York stand with me to watch one of the gambling sleight-of-hand fellas featured at a past Desert Magic Seminar. This pseudo-gambling expert talked more about the street moves that he did, but his presentation consisted mostly of self-promotion and posing for effect. The gambling sleight-of-hand wasn’t bad for magicians, but there were several street-tells that my friends – real street guys – picked up on, and of course, it looked like a magic show. 

Not so when I invited the same guys to secretly watch Richard Turner. 

Richard not only talked about the gambling moves, but performed every one he mentioned. His manner and technique would easily have passed on the street, under heat!”