The Federation: BioVlog 67 of 384

Apprehensively, I’m standing next to Douglas behind Sensei and Chuck Norris when I hear. “You have something to say to me?” growls Norris.

Disrespectfully, still sitting on the floor, Gabriel snaps back, “I have nothing to say to you!”

“Stand up when you address me!” barks Norris.

Gabriel, with three of his fighters and Lloyd Frances, a Kempo man who thinks he is a bad dude, stands up and says, “You can’t talk to us like that!”

Norris is now facing down five of the Federation’s toughest fighters. Norris glares and challenges, “You want a piece of this? I’ll kick all your asses! You want a piece of this?”

The Federation is mute. 

“Well then,” Norris snarls and points, “If you have nothing to say, take your students and get out!”

Norris, Murphy, Douglas, and this scrawny visually impaired brown belt in the back stare them down. Gabriel, Frances, and their students stand up and sheepishly exit to the thunderous ovation of everyone in the arena.