Triple Crown Chuck Norris: BioVlog 65 of 384

Sensei Murphy is hosting a tournament at the Tijuana Forum, and he has invited the great Chuck Norris to be our Master of Ceremonies. (Master Norris started learning martial arts after joining the Air Force in 1958, one year after Sensei Murphy started his fighting career. Once Norris began competing, he was a nonstop fighting machine. He retired with a karate record of 183 wins, ten losses, and two draws. Then he went on to be a celebrated action-TV and movie star.) 

I can feel the energy in the air, it is electrifying. There are hundreds of fighters and thousands of spectators watching throughout the Tijuana Forum. 

Chuck Norris is running a ring when the head of the Federation, Chicken Gabriel, starts booing Norris. Every time Norris awards a point to someone other than one of Gabriel’s fighters, the Federation’s fighters jeer and curse Norris, “Boo! Hiss! Not fair!”