Two Champs and a Snatch: BioVlog 169 of 384

I’m minding my own business on the floor of a Vegas casino when I think I’m being kidnapped. I freeze with concern when four burly African-American men approach me. One says, “Richard Turner, you’re coming with us!”  

I stiffen, ready to hold my ground thinking firmly, “I don’t think so!” 

Then Siegfried and Roy’s manager steps up and says calmly, “Richard, it’s me, Bernie Uman. “Trust me. It’s okay. It is safe to go with them.” 

I feel like the center dot on the five side of a die (two in the front and two behind me) as the four big body guards whisk me out the back door of the casino. They stuff me into a limo that zips down dark alleys until it pulls up behind another casino. I am pushed through back rooms and empty hallways to a large, empty suite. Once inside, I am pleasantly surprised to find Muhammad Ali standing there, waiting. Ali rushes over, throws his arms around me and gives me a big bear hug that feels like it came from a real bear. 

Ali says, “Richard!  How ya doing? It’s so good to see you again. I heard how you could find cards under impossible conditions…Can you show me?”

Live Show, Kidnapped by Ali