Malicious Intent: BioVlog 187 of 384

Along with fighting men from my own school, I will be pitting my skills against fighters from other dojos with different fighting styles. Only four of my ten opponents are considered friends. This is a real risky proposition! There is no predicting if they understand I have ten fighters to hold up against, or if they come after me with malicious intent. 

The warning from Sensei Murphy was hard enough to contemplate, “When you fight ten fresh fighters, and they are all tough and out to get you, you’re going to pay a hefty price.”

My trepidation is further fueled due to my celebrity status because, as an entertainer, my black belt test is going to be covered extensively by the media, including ABC television and the L. A. Times newspaper. A public failure will be extremely humiliating! 

The reality of what is about to take place is starting to hit home as I finish wrapping my twelve year old brown belt around my waist. 

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