Bad News: BioVlog 156 of 384

Many of my friends are skeptical about this radical arrangement, and many think it is a really bad idea to marry this woman. Others are blunt, opining, “Janalee is flat out bad news. Get out now, while you still can!” 

But, when it comes to women, I am blind in more than one way. Even the new counselor I am paying for, sees the depth of her psychopathology. He privately advises, “I think you should give real consideration about going through with this marriage. I have strong doubts of a successful union. Janalee has really deep issues.”

Unfortunately, I do not listen to any of their advice. She has me in her psychological clutches. I do everything I can to keep her out of harm’s way. But inside, I’m worried that the worst is yet to come!

Live Show, The Biggest Sucker