“At my gaming table are Casino dealer Marty Goldstein, TV show creator Paul Wilson, cardman Allan Ackerman and power-lifter and cardman Jason England. Gents, I’d like to hear your history with Richard.”

“Jon,” Goldstein says, “I met Turner in the ‘70’s, when I was working as a Black Jack dealer at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino on The Strip. He already had some knowledge of the usual methods of dealing seconds and bottom deals. I demonstrated a method of dealing centers used in Black Jack to deal a card from the middle of the deck from a slug of either high or low cards…whatever the dealer’s agent needed to make his hand a winner…when he knew that the top card or the second card would not make the hand. Turner took to it at once and he impressed me with his skill.”

Wilson agrees, “Few bring as many sleight-of-hand guns to the table as Richard.”  

“That’s right,” Ackerman adds, “Richard strives for perfection. He was booked to do a lecture at the Wednesday Night Club in Vegas. He performed more than two hours of really technical stuff, really hard stuff, and there was not one mishap in the entire lecture. I commented to the boys after the lecture, that I don’t think I have ever seen anyone in my life do a two hour lecture and not have one thing go wrong.”  

England adds appreciatively, “It’s almost like there’s not enough time in his life to have gotten as good as he is.”