Can’t Shake the Crusoe curse: BioVlog 100 of 384

Richard Turner

Next, I follow after Armando on the Gong Show, who has received first place…for the fourth time, mind you.

I performed my multiplying eggs from mouth. But, unlike the first place winner Armando, I am only awarded a second place prize, walking away with a new set of forks, knifes and spoons. This is another humbling experience. No matter what I think, this makes it quite clear that I’m still nothing but an amateur.

So, I try something else to get the attention of the Castle judges. I enter a close-up magic competition. I really want to win the “Lin Searles” Award for Excellence in Card Manipulation. Unfortunately, this proves to be another disappointing experience. I place second to Ray Grismer (a student of Vernon’s since 1969) who, I have to admit, deservedly won the first-place prize. 

Multiplying Eggs from mouth