Riverboat Dandy: BioVlog 101 of 384

I’m with Bernelle Hansen sitting in the back row of the Lamb’s Players Theater, depressed about my five failures in a row. 

Steve works his way to the back and takes a seat next to us. He heard about my contest and audition failures and says, “Rick, you have the skills and love cards, but you need to get rid of the hippy look. Change your appearance to something slick. You should dress the part of an Old West riverboat dandy and become that character.”

Performing advice also comes from Bernelle, who tells me, “Your performance is good but I don’t like you! What I’m saying is, I don’t like that mean, scowling character, it is not appealing. If you want your audience to love you, just be your charming self.”

Steve adds encouragingly, “You love cards, Rick and like Bernelle says, If you dress the part, and become world-class, you will earn the respect of your worst adversaries, and that will open doors for you, and with your laser-like focus I have no doubt you can make it happen”

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