Two to Many: BioVlog 150 of 384

Janalee has a few more drinks and watches a few more tricks. Then she shocks me when she boldly says, “Richard, is your place close by?”

Wondering what she’s thinking, hesitantly, I reply, “Not too far.”

She says, “Ready to get out of here?” 

This time, I’m the sucker, “and a big one at that! While I’m concerned about the drinks that she’s downed, I reluctantly make a quick call to Blowers and tell him I have a ride home. 

After a slow, nerve-wracking drive, we arrive at my home. Janalee rubs her hand across my thigh and asks sweetly, “Can I come in and see your place?” 

There is a little voice in the back of my head reminding me that you don’t pick up nice girls drinking at a bar. But, against my better judgement, I say, “Sure, come on in.”  

Once inside, I introduce her to Jim, who then heads off to bed. 

She asks if I have anything to drink. I pull out an old gifted bottle of wine, which I open, and she drains. 

It is not my personality to take advantage of a woman not fully in control of her senses, so after showing her around, doing a few more tricks with the cards to kill time, and with a little kissing as we sit on the back deck, I steer her into my bed, and I sleep on the couch.