Cracking Locks: BioVlog 26 of 384

I have been assigned to attend what is called Adaptive PE for the blind and partially-sighted students. It is here where I earn added respect from Doug when I showcase my talent for using my touch to crack the gym locks. I become quite proficient and am able to get away with stealing cash and other items from these lockers, the reason is, during the last fifteen minutes of gym class, all of us in Adaptive PE are unsupervised. So the VH students can be first in line during lunchtime, the Coach dismisses us fifteen minutes early. Consequently, with the locker room empty and unsupervised, I’m able to get down to business. The rash of disappearing cash becomes a pressing issue for the PE instructors. I listen as Coach Winn, perched in his second story office, looking down from a large sliding window at the class below, and announces sternly, “It’s important that you securely lock your lockers! They say the locks can be opened, but that’s not true. If something is missing, it’s because you didn’t secure your lock. So lock it!”  

At that very moment, I’m hidden behind the side row of lockers where I’m surreptitiously cracking a lock. As I’m spinning the knob, feeling for the click, I am so badly tempted to shout, “Hey, Coach, come here.  Let me show you what can’t be done.”