Fred Robinson: BioVlog 117 of 384

My next big thrill is meeting the British card mechanic Fred Robinson. Robinson is one of Vernon’s confidantes, and he developed his exceptional skills while working at an English railroad switching station. While on the clock, he had lots of “down time” to practice sleights, and over time has earned a reputation among insiders for his deceptively smooth seconds, centers and bottoms. I can hardly wait to check them out!

After a night at Vernon’s place, having the privilege to session with Fred, a cardman from outside the US, I think to myself that Fred is the best foreign mechanic I’ve had the privilege to share moves with. What a cardmen!

In Genii magazine Vernon pens: 

“Richard came over to my apartment to visit Fred Robinson and they had a ‘get-together’ that was relished by both. What a pair! Without any doubt both execute seconds, bottoms and middles better than anyone in the world. Their proficiency can only be attained by, not hours or weeks or months, but years of dedicated application and especially striving and persistence.”