Over the Shoulder: BioVlog 116 of 384

Then it’s Miller’s turn to get up close. Charley asks believing this will expose the work, “Can I watch your second and bottom deals from over your shoulder?”

“Sure,” I say, trying to sound indifferent.

After looking over my shoulder, he views them from every angle-ugly vantage point possible. Charley says impressed, “Due to your lighter, more natural grip, all of your deals are superior to both mine and Vernon’s.”

The demonstration that takes the cake is my dealing pat hands after he shuffles the deck. 

Obviously impressed, Charlie asks, affected by what he is watching, “Where’d you learn that, kid? Where’d you learn that technique with the fingers on the side like that? I never showed Vernon anything like that! Where’d you learn that, kid?”

I explain, “Based on Vernon’s descriptions, I learned it by emulating what I saw in my mind’s eye! I see it as he describes it, not as he does it. It was only after I developed my methods that Vernon admitted to me that my moves and handling are unique.”

The night is coming to a close. Charlie shakes my hand and holds it firmly for a few moments before saying ecstatically, “You know, they call me ‘Eagle-Eye Charlie.’ Charlie sees everything, kid. I can’t see it, kid. I can’t see it!”