Incredible Part of That’s Incredible: BioVlog 118 of 384

The producers of the top TV series “That’s Incredible” have approached me about being on the show. They explain excitedly, “After we have you impress people with your card skills we would like to get shots of you walking with a blind man’s white walking stick. After seeing your tricks and then find out you’re blind will blow them away!” 

“Are you kidding me?” I think, exasperated and repulsed at the idea, so I say, “No, thanks.” 

I know I’m turning down one of the most popular shows on television. But Sensei’s words to never advertise any flaws or week points and, my using a cane would blow his sagely advice right out of the water. 

The show’s producer asks respectfully, “Will you do it if we dropped the white cane request?” 

This time I say “Yes.” 

The episode of That’s Incredible airs worldwide in January 1982, and generates a sizable buzz that exceeds the “Andy Warhol’s Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame” spike. 

The chatter reverberates, and because of the skills I demonstrate on the show, I get more private gigs to entertain the rich and famous and, to the thrill of the riverboat managers, more and more people want to visit their boat to see my show live.