Mobsters and Suckers: BioVlog 119 of 384

I finished my shows and I’m ready for a tasty lobster. Then some strange guy starts yelling at me to come over, so I walk over to his table. 

He says arrogantly, “When I play in the casinos, I never lose. No one can beat me! I always win!”

As the boat slightly rocks back and forth I think, “Yeah, right!” 

The other two people at his table seem friendly enough, although they act deferential to the man commanding me to join his group. 

The guy brusquely says, “Sit down! We’re gonna play some poker!”

I tell him firmly, “You don’t want to play cards with me, sir, even though I will let you shuffle and cut the deck, name the game, the number of players, and tell me which player you want to receive the winning hand! And make no mistake about it. As sure as you are sitting where you are, I can do exactly as I say.”