Me of Course: BioVlog 120 of 384

I can feel a sly sound of contempt mixed with arrogance within Know-It-All’s voice. 

The dude scoffs, “Not with me!” He grunts, “I always win!” He snatches the deck from my hands and again commands, “Sit down!” 

Mr. Know-It-All starts mixing the deck. He shuffles as fast as he can, ostentatiously riffling the ends of the halves as he dovetails them together. The cards crackle, a sure sign of ineptitude. I suppress a desire to lick my lips. This Know-It-All is going to be easy prey. I slowly adjust my chair, take back the deck, and say casually, “Okay, let’s begin. How many players do you want?”

“The four of us,” he snaps rudely.

“What’s the game?”

He instantly blurts out, “Seven-card stud!”

The modulation of my voice is business-like as I ask him, “Which player wins?”

Mr. Know-It-All snickers arrogantly, “Me, of course. Who else?”