Skin in the Game: BioVlog 121 of 384

I am set to begin the deal, but before I can get the first card off the deck, Mr. Know-It-All slams his hand against my dealing hand pinning it to the table and snaps coldly, “Hold it!  We’re not playing stud for nothing!” 

He orders his two flunkies to pull out twenties and add them to his, and then tells me, “Match it!”

I pull some cash from my pocket and place it with the other bills. Everybody now has skin in the game.

I deal out the hands and everybody reveals the cards I want them to have. Mr. Know-It-All bounces in his chair and almost jumps to his feet. Instead, he slaps down his cards to show an ace high straight with high spade in the hole. He scoops up the $80 and shoves it into his pocket and says pleased with himself.  “I told you! I always win!”