Richard’s Royal Flushes

Royal Flush

50 Years of Comments from Magicians, Card Mechanics, Celebrities, Family Members, Friends, and the Masses

Royal Flush



“Having seen countless numbers of card experts execute for over eighty years, I consider Richard Turner to be by far the most skillful. He performs the most difficult moves with the greatest ease. I doubt if anyone can equal him.”
Professor Dai Vernon, Richard’s Mentor -- Met 1975


“For a time, Rick lived in the living room of our small one-bedroom apartment. We had to help him do little things like put something on before walking outside in the morning and spitting in the garden. He usually accomplished this by wrapping the bedsheet around himself.”
Glen Hansen -- Actor Director -- Met 1972


“Rick will sit in the same position, in the same chair, at the same table, working on the same move not for hours, nor days, nor weeks, nor months, but for years! There is an orb of serenity that envelops him physically, mentally, and spiritually when he works at his cards like this. He does it with lack of complaint and a staying power that defies human understanding.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990

JACK OF SPADES: That’s Incredible

“it was at the Aladdin when I was first exposed to Richard Turner’s exemplary sleight of hand. It was many years ago on television’s that’s Incredible. The next day when I went into the Aladdin everyone was talking about this guy on TV that brought the house down.
Steve Forte, Card Mechanic/Casino Protection Expert -- Met 1990

10 OF SPADES: Mentalist

“The show I co-starred with Richard in was called Conned. The idea for the segment with Richard was that he would come out, perform card cheating techniques at the table, and then we would tell people he was blind, but only after the performance. The audience believed that this was a con. They could not believe this man could not see. The con then had a triple layer to it… First, Richard conned them in the game…Second, they are told not only did he con them, but he was able to convince them he could see…Third, they were still conned because they believed he could see.”
Banachek -- Met 2007


“In my 45 years as the President of the Magic Castle, people repeatedly say of Richard Turner that ‘it is the most astounding act of sheer skill they have ever witnessed.”’
Milt Larsen Magic Castle Founder -- Met 1975


“When Rick first started training, I told everybody ‘don’t knock him out don’t injure him.’ But then Rick started hitting people, and he liked it!”
Grand Master Sensei John Murphy -- Met 1971


“I’ve known Rick since we were five years old. In high school we were in the drama department. Rick was very dedicated to his craft even as a teenager. Rick seemed like an old soul even as a 16-year-old boy. I faked like I understood most of his conversation but clearly he was wise beyond his years, and I was just glad he liked talking to me.”
Holly Crest-Vogel -- Met 1959


“I heard on the loudspeaker, ‘Will the gentleman in the blue shirt please quit hitting golf balls at the pro shop?!’

Needless to say, as I made it back toward Rick, I noticed that he had a penchant to turn to the left a few degrees after every swing. A few swings later he was aiming right at the pro shop, and connecting quite well with line drives, no less!

I said, ‘Hey, Cheat, did you hear that guy over the loudspeaker?’

Rick said, ‘Yeah. Some jerk is hitting golf balls at him…he doesn't like it.’

I said, ‘Rick, do you know what color shirt you have on?’

‘Oh, crud,’ Rick said, shocked, ‘It’s not blue, is it?’

Rick shot a 122 on a very difficult course. All I did was hand him a club, line him up, and he did the rest. The day was capped off when The Cheat drained a thirty-five-foot putt on the last hole.”
Dr. Richard Drake -- Met 1992

10 OF DIAMONDS: Shark Hunting

“Richard tested his mettle by engaging in risky mental and physical challenges. He chose martial arts fighting, shark hunting, cliff diving, tightrope Walking, trapeze swinging, and high-stakes, underworld gambling.”
Jon Racherbaumer Writer Author Magician -- Met 2007

ACE OF CLUBS: Haptic & Tactile Neural Network

“Richard, you have had one of the most interesting and all-around admirable lives we’ve encountered. So, why do you have such vivid ‘vision’ even though your eyes are destroyed? The answer is probably due to the fact that your visual neural networks were both intact and highly developed. When a part of the brain stops receiving stimulation from its previous input streams, it starts responding to new input streams - in this case, other parts of the brain, including other perceptual, motor, and cognitive parts of the brain. Richard, this strongly suggests that your haptic and tactile neural networks - the networks associated with touch - are also resonating with your visual networks. This is not surprising, because it sounds like you already had a highly developed tactile network even before you went blind, and now you must have one of the most developed tactile neural networks of anybody on the Planet Earth.”
Dr. Ogi Ogas, Harvard Neuroscientist -- Met 2017


“I play cards with Rick, and I can guarantee that more than once, a card came off the bottom, or wherever else he wants to pull it from. You can never see it happen, but that’s what he does for a living - manipulate those 52 little pieces of plastic/paper! He didn’t get the nickname ‘The Cheat’ from playing dominos! There’s the times he played heads-up with my Wealthy business associate, Bill Spears, and how Bill constantly loses. Hmmmm. Funny how that happens.”
B. Harrington Businessman -- Met 1988


“Growing up my brother would have me pretend to be a member of his audience. He would perform his magic tricks and card moves until I couldn’t take it any longer. I couldn’t believe that someone would sit there for hours and hours practicing with those worn-out cards!”
Lori Turner-Dragt, Genius Sister

JACK OF CLUBS: Commander

“I knew immediately I would ask Richard to be our honorary commander…I arranged for Richard to fly on our T-43 aircraft. He had a ball, and we enjoyed having him. Of course, it wasn’t easy to get permission, since Richard was blind…He even cheated the Air War College commandant! Richard received special recognition by the Air Force Thunderbirds. He performed with Colin Powell, and was honored for his community achievements by FBI Director Louis Freeh…I think both sides of his brain are highly developed. He ought to donate it to science when he dies, in about 75 years.”
Colonel Tom Hall Met -- 1993

10 OF CLUBS: Real Deal

"A world class cardman and technician supreme, Richard Turner is the real deal! As one of the finest card technicians on the planet, Richard advances the science of card manipulation to heights never dreamed of!"
Steve Forte, Card Mechanic/Casino Protection Expert -- Met 1990


“Richard, I could extol your talent and skills, or I could rave about your magic with cards, but at this point you have heard praise from other more notable performers of magic, so I reframe scribbling more accolades and speak of your indomitable spirit and determination. You are undoubtedly the greatest example I have ever seen of the human spirit overcoming adversity. Richard, you are an inspiration!”
Tony Giorgio Card Mechanic, Played Bruno Tattaglia in "The Godfather" -- Met 1975


“We have had some amazing professional performers visit us, but I have never seen such a reaction before, people continue to come up to me, talking about what you did, they were amazed and inspired! It was just an incredible event.”
Adam Cheyer, Tech Entrepreneur Creator of SIRI & Magician -- Met 2017

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Don’t Blame Him

“Everyone loves Rick, they always want to help him with everything, he just did not want to be the blind person, and I don’t blame him, who wants to be known for an entire life as the guy who is pretty good with cards, but he’s a blind person.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990

JACK OF HEARTS: Keep Rolling

“Richard Turner does some superlative coin manipulations. He does the coin roll with five different size coins at one time which is amazing enough, but then he did something I had never seen done before. He rolls two coins in opposite directions across his knuckles! And to top it all off he rolls a giant nickel across his knuckles, which is an amazing thing to watch! His dexterity with coins is marvelous.”
Professor Dai Vernon Richard’s Mentor -- Met 1975

10 OF HEARTS: Placebo Cards

“Countless times we would send Richard decks of blank cards that were simply numbered as sample 1, 2 or 3. On occasion we would even attempt to fool Richard with placebo cards, and he would still manage to tell us which ones they were. Richard’s input helped us fine tune the critical technical attributes to maximize the feel of our cards in the hand. Every time you crack open a fresh pack of Bicycle or Bee brand playing cards you can rest assured that they have been influenced by the hands of Richard Turner.”
Michael Slaughter, President and CEO of The United States Playing Card Company -- Met 2018




ACE OF SPADES: Strangle Him

“Before Roy’s accident with the tiger, Richard and his wife, Kim, were our guests with front row center seats. The show opened with us running out and Roy ran right up to Richard’s booth, jumped in the booth and, to the shock of Kim and the audience, started to strangle him. It got their attention! After the show I invited Richard and his wife back-stage to our dressing room as I wanted to see more of his inexplicable talents. It goes without saying, Richard has our greatest admiration!”
Siegfried and Roy Vegas Headliners -- Met 1976


“Rick is one of the only guys I know who is a whole lot weirder than I am. He was always broke. Once I threw a ‘costume potluck party’ where you were expected to bring a dish that was somehow related to your costume and Rick came with a bottle of water and wore swim fins and a mask!”
Russell Cedarburg, Actor-Musician -- Met 1974


“When our daughter Joy was a freshman in high school a guy kept picking on her and so she grabbed him like Uncle Rick taught her and had the guy flat on the ground with her knee in his neck before he knew what happened.”
Lori Turner-Dragt, Genius Sister

JACK OF SPADES: Bend Your Spoon

"I performed in Portugal with Richard Turner--he simply blew my mind! I sat 12 inches away and I can describe his work in one word, PHENOMENAL. I have seen hundreds of card men, but Richard is light years ahead!”
Uri Geller, Mentalist -- Met 2017

10 OF SPADES: Counting Down & Out

“I first had the privilege of meeting Richard in the early 80's while appearing on a TV show. I was there trying to show the viewing audience the effects of card counting while playing the game of Blackjack. They told me the man in the tuxedo dealing to us was an employee of the station. I can't begin to state how hilarious the episode was as Richard manipulated the results with his incredible skills.”
Bobby Singer, Card-Counter -- Met 1984


“There are many degrees of bafflement, the highest degree of utter bafflement is when a person cannot fathom any kind of explanation even when given an explanation by the originator of the mystery. If one is fooled by the explanation, one is completely lost.”
Jon Racherbaumer, Writer, Author, Magician -- Met 2007

KING OF DIAMONDS: Offensive Force

“Considering his unparalleled ability to control the outcome of any card game in which he handles the cards, my immediate thought is that he is primarily an offensive force. However, that being said, he's told me that he made a good living at the poker tables playing on the square, which requires strong defense. While Richard possesses great intuition; his strong suit is his ability to analyze what he intends to do, and then he does it, using his intuition and sense of touch to determine if he is being successful.”
Bruce Samboy, Government Gambling Regulator -- Met 2005


“Based on your history, and my exam, Richard, you have a macula dystrophy that started when you were a young boy. You have been legally blind for some time. As the time progressed, I suspect around the third or fourth decade of your life, your vision completely went dark. Right now, you have what we call, ‘no light perception.’ You are not able to see anything. You are completely blind.”
Elena Geraymovych, Optometrist and Professor at U. T. Health Science Center -- Met 2014


“Richard, world-wide an estimated 1.4 billion people saw you on CCTV’s ” ‘International News Letter.”
Hejia Xiao, Producer, China Central Television, Beijing, China -- Met 2014


“Richard Turner is the greatest card mechanic of all times!”
Muhammad Ali, Three Time Boxing Heavy-Weight Champion of the World -- Met 1982

ACE OF CLUBS: Made of Clay

“I was dealing bottoms for a man who couldn't see. As I dealt, he moved his fingers between mine, sliding his hands around my hand, the way a mechanic feels his way around the darker corners of an engine. ‘There's too much tension in your dealing hand,’ he began. ‘Ease up a bit. Also, move your left-hand half as far for each deal.’ Turner was seeing my hands with his hands, and he began to contort my fingers around the deck, adjusting my grip. It was remarkable. I just stood still, allowing him to mold my fingers like my hands were made of clay. ‘There,’ he said, ‘try it now.’ Again, I dealt cards from the bottom with my hands. It felt a little easier--a little less friction. ‘See?’ he said. ‘Much better.’ I smiled widely but said nothing, and he smiled back at me. It was as if he could sense that too.”
Joshua Jay Magician, Author -- Met 2005


“Rick was a little, well…pathetic, and a lot of people we knew are now dead, I always thought he would be next…He refused to be like any other blind person…He actually did stuff that he really shouldn’t aught ’a done! It’s a bit exhausting being around Rick because he’s always shuffling, kicking, or doing something! Rick will do what is needed to fulfill a mission, throwing himself at it till it’s done, or he is dead… In high school, he would bum lunch-money from me, and constantly tried to get me to play a hand of cards. I learned my lesson, no more!”
Jim Blowers, Adventurous Sidekick -- Met 1969

QUEEN OF CLUBS: Bore Witness

“As Richards younger sister I bore witness to his rapidly deteriorating vision and how he learned to overcome which helped me know what to expect and what to prepare for in the next stage of my own blindness.”
Lori Turner-Dragt, Genius Sister


“Night-after-night, as we all saw, after Richard’s presentation…or call it demonstration, the majority of the audience never believed that he’s blind, they simply thought it was a stunt to fit into the Hoodwinked con mentality. I think it’s really amusing that the audience left without knowing what was real and what wasn’t”
Bob Arno, Pick-Pocket King, Co-starred in "Conned" -- Met 2007

10 OF CLUBS: No Idea

“I’m a huge fan of your work! I think I’ve watched your Fool Us video over 10 times and I still have no idea…Amazing!
Shin Lim Magician -- Met 2018

ACE OF HEARTS: Colonized Your Visual Cortex

“Richard, since every brain is different, every person’s experiences are different, and the brain is wildly, incredible, mind-bogglingly elastic - but the level of hallucinations would be highly sensitive to a number of individual variables, including how developed the visual networks were before a person went blind, what parts of the brain the visual networks were resonating with when the person had sight, how developed those other networks became after the person went blind, and which other parts of the brain won the race to colonize the visual cortex. So, in your case, since you have an extremely strong tactile network that was already developed before you lost sight, this strong tactile network probably colonized your visual cortex most strongly and set up the strongest resonant loops, which means you have a strong and highly structured input stream from tactile to your old visual networks, which is why your visual hallucinations are stronger and more consistent.
Dr. Ogi Ogas, Harvard Neuroscientist -- Met 2017


“If you’re going to learn something, learn the real thing. If you’re going to learn Karate, learn it by going to a seedy part of Tijuana and learn full-contact Karate. Many times, I was his ride there, ouch!”
Glen Hansen, Director-Actor -- Met 1972


“Rick’s personal appearance was what stood out at first; he had a head of wavy blonde hair down to his shoulders that looked like it had not seen a comb in a while, and a tanned, muscular physique on a rather small body that was rarely covered up with a shirt.”
Bernelle Hansen, Stage Manager-Actress -- Met 1972

Jack of Hearts: Technique

“Richard not only talked about the gambling moves, but performed every one he mentioned. His manner and technique would easily have passed on the Street...Under Heat.”
George Joseph, Card Mechanic—Casino Protection Expert -- Met 1978

10 OF HEARTS: Paper Scientist

“We put our cards through rigorous testing in-house but there is no substitute for the hands of Richard Turner. Our paper scientist engaged Richard because of his incredible ability to ‘feel the difference.
Michael Slaughter, President and CEO of The United States Playing Card Company -- Met 2018





“I first met that crazy guy when he was performing on the Ruben E. Lee riverboat in San Diego. I think I was twenty years old, so it was around 1979. He started off by performing some amazing flourishes with both hands! Coins were rolling back and forth across his knuckles, one-handed card shuffles in each hand, second-deals, bottom-deals, and center-deals. Finding aces and dealing winning hands after the deck was shuffled! It was a thrill to watch and fun to be fooled! It’s lucky for me Richard can't see me holding my video camera recording his every move. Just kidding! Well…maybe…”
Bill Malone, Card Mechanic/Magician -- Met 1979

KING OF SPADES: Culture Shock

“It was in 1972 when I was introduced to Rick. It’s no doubt that meeting a hippy was a culture shock for us from Minnesota, but I had been told that he was interested in acting…Rick spent every waking hour practicing a certain maneuver with his hands. When he had mastered that sleight-of-hand trick, he would go on to another, but still practiced the ones he had mastered. Watching him reminded me somewhat of a juggling act.”
Steve Terrell, Writer-Director -- TV and film personality -- Met 1972


“She opened her eyes and caught Rick practicing his shuffling with one hand…while they were making love!”
Kerry Meads, Writer, Actress -- Met 1975


“I think a very general statement that can be made about magic is that it helps remind us, things are not always what they seem, and that limitations are not always limitations. And, in Richard’s case, he does that both on and off stage, he gives by the example of his great skill, and the success he’s had, it’s a wonderful reminder there are not as many limits as we generally think.”
Max Maven, Mentalist -- Met 1979

10 OF SPADES: Deck’em

“The really odd thing was that Mr. Turner always had his cards in his hands, during Karate, walking down the street…he was always on the move with those cards, and he may have fought with them…he was so fast he probably carried them as he fought me!”
Diego Gonzalez, Black Belt -- Met 1971

ACE OF DIAMONDS: Hyper-Focused

“He’s a straight shooter, he is as humble as he is accomplished, hyper-focused, and one hell of a showman!”
Jim Millan, Director of Hoodwinked, later called “Conned” -- Met 2007


“It was probably a little bit too brutal, but we did not want it to be a gift! When you fight ten fresh fighters, and they are all tough and out to get you, you’re going to pay a hefty price.”
Grand Master Sensei John Murphy -- Met 1971


“I try to act that way. I try to not let it bother or hinder me. But it’s kind of hard sometimes! Richard is an inspiration that it can be done. That you can be visually impaired or blind, go out into the world, and do something really major that a lot of people can recognize.”
Makayla, a 13-year-old blind young lady -- Met 2015


“I just wanted to let you know how awesome it is that Richard does what he does What he stands for. This is my virtual card lol. He’s a beast in my eyes and the one guy I hear about within this community of magic and cards that nobody ever has anything bad to say.
Christopher Gagliola, aka Deckhead

10 OF DIAMONDS: Phenomena

“Richard notes that he can “write in the air” and see the writing. As he contemplates these phenomena, he concludes that there must be a direct relationship to one of his many gifts, a true photographic memory. His ability to visualize his surroundings, despite his lack of sight, is truly an amazing adaptation, a truly amazing power.”
Dr. Christopher Westfall, Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology -- Met 2005


“My Dad is the most disciplined person in the world! There’s no one more disciplined than my Dad, he never takes a break, I don’t see how he does it. Like his break is working out, which is kind of a break…But not really!”
Asa Spades Turner, Brilliant Son

KING OF CLUBS: Needed to Learn Something

“You’re kidding right? Bottoms, middles, seconds etc. Did he cheat? Of course, he did, it would not have been fun otherwise. Oddly enough when real money was involved everyone left pretty much even by the end of the night. Unless, of course, someone needed to learn something.”
Glen Hansen, Director/Actor -- Met 1972


“One time we went Ice-skating. He had previously sprained one of his ankles so was no good at ice-skating. He decided that he would have a little fun with this and so he would do the splits on the ice. People would skate by pointing and cringing because it appeared some poor guy accidentally did the splits on the ice. The kids’ friends thought he was in terrible pain when in fact he was just being ornery.”
Lori Turner-Dragt, Genius Sister

JACK OF CLUBS: Flustered

“Vernon suggested that Richard show everyone his latest card effect. Richard passed his deck of cards around the table to be shuffled by some of the greatest card magicians ever. When Richard was given back the deck, he began producing the four aces, one at a time, each using a different method. Richard got up to use the restroom. While he was gone, his deck of cards was passed around and examined, magicians shaking their heads from side to side. On the return flight Professor told me ‘that was the highlight of the night watching all those top magicians flustered when they couldn’t find any work on the cards.’ I can never remember The Professor heaping so much praise on a performer as he did to his best friend, Richard Turner.”
Bill Bowers, Vernon’s Traveling Friend -- Met 1976

10 OF CLUBS: Dead Cut

“Richard strives for perfection. The sleights and moves that he takes on… he wants to do things better than anyone; if he does something he has to be the best. At a show in Vegas a number 1 to 52 was called out by a spectator, Richard instantly cut off that number of cards from the deck. Richard then responded, ’maybe you thought that was luck, so let’s do it again with another number.’ The spectator called out another number and Richard instantly did another dead cut to that exact number. I was wowed! So was the audience as I remember at the end of the performance he got a standing ovation.”
Allan Ackerman, Magician -- Met 1976

ACE OF HEARTS: Qualified

“I began doing sleight of hand with cards 75 years ago when I was 8 years of age. I have seen literally hundreds if not thousands of card mechanics and magicians manipulate cards. Based upon my years of observation and my familiarity with both card magic and card cheating, I feel qualified to opine on the quality of what I see. You may quote me as follows: Richard Turner's masterful, magical, manipulation of playing cards is incomparable."
Tony Giorgio, Card Mechanic, Played Bruno Tattaglia in "The Godfather" -- Met 1975


“Richard, I was dazzled! A left-handed embrace!”
Rene Lavand, ‘A One-Armed Card Master’ -- Met 2004

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Disciplined

“I was attracted to Rick’s strength and his discipline. I tend to be a disciplined person by nature, and I immediately identified Rick as a disciplined person, and most importantly, a self-disciplined person.
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over Three Decades -- Met 1990


“I have to admit, I was jealous of how well he took care of himself. Well, truthfully I saw how my wife and the other women looked at Mr. Turner…they would say ‘look at how fit he looks,’ but really it was all about his looks, those muscles and how strong he was that wowed them! By the way, my wife still talks about it!”
Diego Gonzalez, Black Belt -- Met 1971

10 OF HEARTS: Incredible

Oh! Ah! No! Incredible! Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
Juan Tamariz, Magician – Met 1992




ACE OF SPADES: Character Traits

“I was sitting with my co-producer on Hoodwinked, discussing Richard. As we discussed his character traits and then added his physical skill into the mix we decided that he was the closest we’d ever get to meet a superhero.”
Mike Mills, Producer of Hoodwinked & Conned -- Met 2006

KING OF SPADES: The Simplicity

“Ricky had cheated on the typing exams I used to give my students. The simplicity of his scam was the key to its effectiveness. I would allow them time to type warm up exercises before taking the exam. He would take this time to type slowly and accurately his "practice paragraph. Then after taking the timed test, he would switch papers and give me his practice sheet as his test sheet. It appears he was already developing his ‘hand is faster than the eye’ technique at an early age.”
Ed Brian, Magician, VH Elementary Resource Teacher -- Met 1965


“One of the most outstanding qualities that Rick has is that he is the most consistent and disciplined person that I’ve ever met in my life. He never stops exercising. I start and I stop but he never stops.”
Lori Turner-Dragt, Genius Sister


“Sleight-of hand, when you are doing the type of work that Richard does, involves, a level of detail that is, microscopic.”
Max Maven -- Met 1979

10 OF SPADES: Shuffled

"Richard, you are just an unbelievable guy, with mega-amazing skillfulness. You have a very strong charisma. You are genuine and are able to combine true magic with elegant humor. Actually, you are the Real Card-shark that we (ordinary magicians) try, in vain, to imitate. Like our friend Rene' Lavand you are "one-of-a-kind" that nobody can beat in your field.
Lennart Green, M.D., Magician -- Met 2005

ACE OF DIAMONDS: Gambler’s Moves

“What blows me away, when you list all the different gambler’s moves, the second deal, push-through, perfect shuffles, most people have one good move that their known for…Richard spent his entire life mastering all the things at the top of the list!”
Steve Forte, Card Mechanic/Casino Protection Expert -- Met 1990


“Rick reminds me of the tenacity of a bulldog. Once he attacks a problem he doesn’t give up until he has mastered the problem or has come up with an alternate solution for it. His acting was an example of this. He would rehearse and rehearse until he was satisfied with what he was doing on stage.”
Steve Terrell, Writer-Director -- TV and film personality -- Met 1972


Rick certainly has physical strength . . . you can see that from a distance with a quick glance. Rick’s physical strength is appealing to my base nature. He really is focused! We work out together. Sometimes we are just in that same room, each doing our own workout, but at other times, we work out as a team. He is the most reliable workout partner I’ve ever had. He’s tough. All of his exercises are done in either a deck or half deck count—no wimping out with doing ten or 15 repetitions. exhaustion guaranteed, results assured. And our time spent together…priceless!”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over Three Decades -- Met 1990


“Considering that he has achieved his lofty long-time goals to become and actor; develop the muscular physique of Charlton Heston in Ben Hur; kick like Bruce Lee; and live on Jacks and Queens as he'd heard in the theme to Maverick as a boy, I think that Richard's only goal is to continue to be the man he is as a role model for his son Asa Spades.
Bruce Samboy, Government Gambling Regulator -- Met 2005

10 OF DIAMONDS: Bathroom

“It is absolutely fascinating how Richard manages every daily chores, going to a bathroom, eating in a restaurant, talking to people nearby, and on and on, as if he really was NOT blind…And, it’s equally amazing that those around him did not catch on to his visual limitation, his acting like he can see is extremely impressive.”
Bob Arno, Pick-Pocket King, Co-starred in Conned -- Met 2007

ACE OF CLUBS: Magician

"To Richard Marlo Turner. Technicians as a rule are not usually good actors or entertainers. Richard Turner is all three."
Ed Marlo, Magician -- Met 1976

KING OF CLUBS: Creative Photos

“Richard had been working on his ‘Crap Book’ for a long time before I met him - creative photos of simple crap but we expanded this concept to include creative photos of road kill, as well. Besides, I was a better photographer than the blind guy!”
Russell Cedarburg, Actor-Musician -- Met 1974


“We enjoyed poker as young kids and would often play each other for time rather than money. The person who lost paid their minutes giving the winner a foot or back rub. As Rick got better with the cards, I found myself always loosing and constantly having to give his stinky feet another massage!”
Lori Turner-Dragt, Genius Sister

JACK OF CLUBS: Casino Mechanic

“I met Turner in the ‘70's when I was working as a Black Jack dealer at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino on The Strip. He already had some knowledge of the usual methods of dealing seconds and bottom deals. I demonstrated a method of dealing centers used in Black Jack to deal a card from the middle of the deck from a slug of either high or low cards…whatever the dealer’s agent needed to make his hand a winner…when he knew that the top card or the second card would not make the hand. Turner took to it at once and he impressed me with his skill.”
Marty Goldstein, Mechanic for the Aladdin -- Met 1976

10 OF CLUBS: Miller’s Crossing

“They call me eagle eye Charlie, Charlie sees everything Kid, I can’t see it Kid, I can’t see it!””
Charlie Miller, Magician Mechanic -- Met 1981


“Among gamblers, men like Richard Turner are as much feared as they are respected.”
Jack Palance: Ripley’s Believe It or Not -- Met 1984


“I’ll never play cards with you!”
Actor Bob Hope -- Met 1993


”You understand this card stuff Johnny! How’s he doing it?”
Gene Kelly, Actor -- Met 1984


”I don’t know! But he’s doing it beautifully!”
Johnny Carson -- Met 1984


“I know who my new poker partner is going to be!”
Gregory Peck, Actor -- Met 1984


"These are the true stars here - Mr. Cheat and Miss Guided.”
Secretary of State Colin Powell -- Met 1998

KING OF HEARTS: Look Out Below

“I taught Rick his falls and trapeze skills…He helped me train the celebrities for the TV show Circus of the Stars. This just reveals Rick’s fanatic personality. One night I checked to see how he was doing…He was asleep in bed, and he had a deck of cards on his chest…And he was shuffling them in his sleep!”
Bobby Yerkes, Stuntman, Actor -- Met 1972

QUEEN OF HEARTS: First Up First Eat

“The whole notion of women and children first gets tromped-on when Rick is ready to eat. Waiting in line is utterly out of the question! Rick will wiggle, squirm, and cajole his way to the front of the food line. Rick’s epicurean dance of impatience to eat can sometimes be waylaid by a subtle thought or idea that creeps into his mind about the card technique that he just spent hours working on. When this occurs, the single-minded patience sinks back into place and he will resume the calm, humped, and slack-jawed position at the card table. His food will turn cold waiting for him to return in perhaps a few minutes, most likely in a few hours.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990

JACK OF HEARTS: Gold Seal Bikes

“I went through many decks before I found Richard’s gold seal deck. The second I opened it I knew it would be my deck of cards I would always use. I could feel the love and passion behind those cards, and they spoke to me. So, I really just wanted to say thank you because something so small like that has really pushed further into magic and magic has truly changed my life for the better.”
Christopher Gagliola, aka Deckhead

10 OF HEARTS: Magicians & Cardists

“Being that we are the only playing card company in the world that produces its own card stock and have built a reputation on how our cards feel in one’s hand, we looked to Richard to help with this key attribute. We were not willing to sacrifice the feel of our cards in the hand as this is so critically important to Magicians, Cardists and how players interact with our playing cards.
Michael Slaughter, President and CEO of US Playing Card Company -- Met 2018





“We were in Vegas playing Blackjack and I was whispering the cards to Rick as they were dealt while he kept the count, eventually we were kicked out. Master Turner suggested we disguise ourselves by switching coats, then return to the tables. We switched and I had to laugh as we both had on the exact “American Black Belt Academy” coat.”
Master Gene Holtman, Black Belt -- Met 1984


“While traveling we all stayed in a hotel together, and when Rick laid down on the bed to go to sleep he had a deck of cards in each hand, and he was shuffling the cards while listening to the TV. Then, as he drifted off to sleep, his hands stopped moving. The next morning…this is exactly what happened…His hands started shuffling the cards again…before his eyes opened up!”
Master John Douglas, Black Belt -- Met 1971


“How about simple table manners? We had to encourage him to do little things like not holding the saltshaker way up in the air so he could see the salt falling, or not to lick the drips off the catchup bottle top before passing it!”
Bernelle Hansen, Stage Manager-Actress -- Met 1972


“It was like a big poker bluff, in order to win, you have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them as the saying goes. And folding sometimes is part of the strategy to get your opponent off guard, not necessarily to win in the short term. Richard understands the psychology of the game and is in it for the long term, yet he also is willing to walk away on the short term in order to win in the long term.”
Banachek, Co-Starred in Conned -- Met 2007

10 OF SPADES: One More Rep

“I've been working-out for over twenty years and have been completely wiped-out after a workout on hundreds of occasions. Richard's workout is right up there with the most grueling I've ever experienced.”
Jason England, Magician, Mechanic -- Met 2004

ACE OF DIAMONDS: Strip the Deck

“Richard performs moves that I have never seen another cardman perform well…moves that are off-the-scale in terms of degree of difficulty…and he does them flawlessly! For example, how many cardmen have you seen do a false shuffle with a strip-out…All with only one hand?”
Steve Forte, Card Mechanic/Casino Protection Expert -- Met 1990

KING OF DIAMONDS – Pain is just something that Hurts

“Mr. Turner hits so hard and fights so strong and fast that I was the one that had to watch for myself. The other karate fighters say the same thing as I experienced: he hits hard!”
Diego Gonzalez, Black Belt -- Met 1971


“I didn’t know quite how to take Rick…he was a bit…uh… strange.”
Kerry Meads, Writer, Actress -- Met 1975


“Richard taught me that words such as, ‘Count Your Blessings’ shouldn’t be empty clichés, and that there’s never any reason for making excuses. I’m reminded of the old adage, ‘The person who really wants to do something finds a way; others find excuses.’ For most of us, these words - and many more with similar messages - only hit home after you meet someone extraordinary like Richard Turner.”
Steve Forte, Card Mechanic/Casino Protection Expert -- Met 1990

10 OF DIAMONDS: Pasteboard Warrior

“I personally think your accomplishments with the martial arts is far more incredible than your skill with the pasteboards (which is by far the best).”
Sal Piacente, Card Mechanic/Casino Protection Expert -- Met 2006

ACE OF CLUBS: Give a Blind Guy a Gun

“Having been a SWAT Team Leader for a number of years I was well-versed in the handling of a variety of firearms and supervised the SWAT Team firearm qualification shoots but, teach a blind man to shoot a handgun? As it turned out he was an excellent student and displayed no pre-conceived notion of how to proceed. He listened and followed my instructions. I would throw a rock at a target and from that he learned to handle a firearm safely, which was my primary goal, and to hit a target following sounds, which was his goal.”
Commander Chuck Curtis, Took Down 4 Serial Murderers -- Met 1972

KING OF CLUBS: Killed the Counter

“I was in the sound booth with the director watching when Rick was put in as a ringer on a TV show watching him clean the clock of some ‘card counter’ name “Singer.”
Master John Douglas -- Met 1971


“I have been helping my brother learn his talking computer and his iPhone. He wears people out with things he can do for himself, and I think he realizes that. Now that he’s letting the blindness topic come up, he’s a lot happier, but he’s still so stubborn, you almost have to force him to do it!”
Lori Turner-Dragt, Genius Sister

JACK OF CLUBS: Weight 168

“Mr. Turner has the karate work ethic of a champion. He attempts to perfect every technique! Pound for pound he is extremely strong. I once saw him free-weight curl 175 pounds, which was more than his body weight.”
Roy Kurban, Senior Grand Master Black Belt -- Met 1984

10 OF CLUBS: Fist & Foot

“Character, passion and razor-sharp attention to detail. Richard was also extremely kind and generous with his knowledge. Guarded about his secrets but keen to share his experience, Richard has always been an honest and true friend, never slow to offer support or constructive criticism. He's a terrific performer too. Even without his remarkable skills, he could still bring an audience to their feet. He is also a very warm and gentle person…as long as you’re not in hand-to-hand combat with him.”
Paul Wilson, Magician, Card Mechanic -- Met 1993

ACE OF HEARTS: Made of Clay

“I was dealing bottoms for a man who couldn't see. As I dealt, he moved his fingers between mine, sliding his hands around my hand, the way a mechanic feels his way around the darker corners of an engine. ‘There's too much tension in your dealing hand,’ he began. ‘Ease up a bit. Also, move your left-hand half as far for each deal.’ Turner was seeing my hands with his hands, and he began to contort my fingers around the deck, adjusting my grip. It was remarkable. I just stood still, allowing him to mold my fingers like my hands were made of clay. ‘There,’ he said, ‘try it now.’ Again, I dealt cards from the bottom with my hands. It felt a little easier--a little less friction. ‘See?’ he said. ‘Much better.’ I smiled widely but said nothing, and he smiled back at me. It was as if he could sense that too.”
Joshua Jay, Magician/Author -- Met 2005

KING OF HEARTS: Proficiency

“Richard came over to my apartment to visit Fred Robinson and they had a get together, that was relished by both. What a pair! Without any doubt, both execute seconds, bottoms, and middles better than anyone in the world. Their proficiency can only be attained, not by hours, or weeks, or months, but years of dedicated application, and especially, striving and persistence.”
Dai Vernon: “The Vernon Touch” in Genii Magazine -- Met 1975


“The fact that Rick had been labeled ‘legally blind’ was cause for us to cringe when he would amazingly avoid injury despite his disability. When he would come back from some of his fights to earn his belts, he often sported a black eye or some other physical evidence that it had been a rough bout. It seemed that the fights were so horrendous that his life was always at stake.”
Bernelle Hansen, Stage Manager, Actress -- Met 1972


“Considering his life as a daredevil, it would appear that he fears nothing in life, although I suspect that his recent troubles with his ravaged hands scared him into thinking that maybe his days as an entertainer could be over. Working as hard to rehabilitate himself after several surgeries on his hands as he has at any sleight of hand manipulation, he amazed his doctor by returning to the stage so quickly. He has inspired me to examine things more closely from a different perspective using senses other than sight.”
Bruce Samboy, Government Gambling Regulator -- Met 2005

10 OF HEARTS: Time Together

"Starting in 2002 for two weeks during the summer my Dad was asked to teach a class on cards and his board games at a private boy’s military school founded in 1885 called The San Antonio Academy. The students came from all around the world including as far away as China. They brought in interesting people like one of the original founder-cartoonist for Rocky and Bullwinkle, chess masters, and the hilarious paleontologist Dinosaur George along with various martial artists and other miscellaneous instructors. My Dad thought it would be a great way for father and son to spend time together during the summer so he told them yes as long as his son could help him teach the class. So, at seven-years-old I now had my second job."
Asa Spades Turner, Brilliant Son




ACE OF SPADES: Lightning

“Richard is second to none when it comes to gambling demonstrations with cards. He deals seconds, centers and bottoms equally well and runs up cards with lightning speed.”
David Malek, Mechanic Magician -- Met 2008


“One night after karate class, Sensei Murphy and Rosemary invited Mr. Turner and me to eat carne asada street tacos in Tijuana. Back then, in 1972, tacos were inexpensive and normal people would eat three of four tacos. But not Mr. Turner, he had to go the extra mile and eat eighteen tacos…Yes, eighteen tacos! I had no idea how they fit in his stomach, but they did."
Diego Gonzalez, Black Belt -- Met 1971


“I think my brother is resistant because he still has that mind-set that it’s a weakness. Up to a few years ago, I faked it, too. I didn’t use a cane and I was always embarrassed when I would go around people, I hid my blindness... Finally, I decided I didn’t care if I was embarrassed anymore, I checked myself into the school for the blind, and now using a cane, a seeing-eye dog and acknowledging my blindness became the most invigorating thing in my life, as it set me free.”
Lori Turner-Dragt, Genius Sister


“One evening before the performance, Richard asked if I would set up the two decks he was going to use that night. Ah ha! I thought. At last, I will be privy to the real work he is doing. But what he asked me to do was so simple: all he wanted me to do was put the deck back in new deck order, and it perplexed me even more when I watched him purvey this joyously evil act that night. Damn you, Richard Turner, damn you!”
Todd Robins, Co-Starred in Conned -- Met 2007

10 OF SPADES: Wrong

“The world's best cardmen practice the moves until they do them right. Richard practices the moves until he can't do them wrong."
Bruce Samboy, Government Gambling Regulator -- Met 2005

ACE OF DIAMONDS: Perspirational

“I think of you often in my life. For me, you’re one of those inspirational heroes that you can never come close to equaling but can always strive to be more like, and I do.”
Adam Cheyer, Tech Entrepreneur Creator of SIRI & Magician -- Met 2017


“Several times, sitting in his audience…about half way through the show it hits them out of the blue…This guy can’t see! It’s almost like there’s not enough time in his life to have gotten as good as he is.”
Jason England, Magician, Card Mechanic -- Met 2004


“I remember when we were first married and other people telling him, ‘you need to learn braille,’ and Rick would say, ‘I’m not going to learn braille, that’s for blind people.’ Or they would say, ‘You need to get a cane.’ Rick would say, ‘I’m not carrying a cane!’ It was a weakness, and it was a weakness he was not going to admit too.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990


“Your deals rank with the best I have seen over the years—and I have seen many!”
Herb Zarrow, Inventor of the Zarrow Shuffle -- Met 1978

10 OF DIAMONDS: High Stakes

“Tony Giorgio pulled Richard aside, and I overheard their conversation. ‘Richard, we could have the perfect scam, with your touch and your “twos,” we could put together a crew of three. I will tell them that you can't see, but that you like to play high-stakes Hold'em, so I will have to sit next to you and read your cards to you. Then, you deal good cards to our third agent.’”
Doug Gorman, PHD, USAF Lt. Colonel-Retired, Magician -- Met 1998

ACE OF CLUBS: Knife Thrower

"There are no words to tell you how impressed I am with you. You're a wonder, talented person with a gift not equaled by anyone else."
David Adamovich, aka The Great Throwdini, Holding 44 World Records -- Met 2015


“If you ask me, Richard is a freak. Now, you know I mean that as a compliment. The freak-act in the sideshow was one that surprised the hell out of the audience. On first blush, they seemed to be deficient in some capacity but, soon the audience would come to realize that they were in the presence of someone extraordinary.”
Todd Robins, Co-starred in Conned -- Met 2007

QUEEN OF CLUBS: Must confront

“It is not easy for Rick to put himself out there and to be more open about his life, I just try to encourage him, and remind him, that you cannot conquer what you are not willing to confront.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990


“He’s on the crazy end of obsessive compulsive.”
Armando Lucero, Magician -- Met 1974

10 OF CLUBS: Real Work

“Richard dealt the “real work" flawlessly and better than the fella who taught me years back in Detroit…Actually, better than anyone I've ever seen. All of Richard's work was undetectable and without Tells.”
George Joseph, Card Mechanic, Casino Protection Expert -- Met 1978

ACE OF HEARTS: Emptiness

“Many entertainers may have amazing talent, they may have spent decades perfecting their art and craft, about half an inch under the surface there is emptiness, loneliness and a powerful sense of failure. This is assuaged only momentarily by applause, the fading kudos of their peers and stiff shots of Jim Beam. But this is not Richard.”
Coleman Luck, TV Writer, Executive Producer -- Met 2005


“In 1972 we just made the migration from Minnesota to California looking for actors for the troupe, and Rick was the first person we met. What I thought about Rick was mostly sad or dramatic. He would tell us that one of his friends died from an overdose each time we returned from tour.”
Lynn Hansen, Actor -- Met 1972


"It is 2:10 AM. I better go to bed now Love you and thanks for the great relaxing vacation. I have really enjoyed you and your lovely family. You are a wonderful dad and husband. 'Thank you Lord for giving me a wonderful brother, I love him so much.' The three most important men in my life are Dad, Gerrit, and you, Rick, but the man that has had the most spiritual influence in my life is you, Rick, and will forever be grateful for being my life long spiritual mentor and brother in the lord. I so deeply appreciate what you did for me and will always do things for you, Kim, and Asa. that will come from their sister in the Lord.”
Lori Turner-Dragt, Genius Sister

JACK OF HEARTS: A Little Mayhem

“The feeling that though he is blind he would somehow see me coming if I wished to inflict mayhem upon him. That's just spooky!”
Todd Robins, Co-starred in Conned -- Met 2007

10 OF HEARTS: Sucker-Punch

“Mr. Turner can be very dangerous if you get too close! When we spar at half speed, Mr. Turner is infamous for sucker-punching you if he has a chance. His half speed seems to get faster the closer you get to him. I would think to myself, ‘Don't let him punch you because it will hurt big-time!’ There is definitely some trust lacking on my part in those situations.”
Sean Murphy, Black Belt -- Met 1971




ACE OF SPADES: Japanese TV Special

“Upon watching countless magicians perform, I have no doubt that Richard Turner is the best…I have consulted with, and every other magicians agree with me…He does things nobody else can do…I have no clue how it is done…what this man does is so difficult that no one else can do it nor can it be replicated.”
Mr. Maric, Japanese TBS TV Mini Series -- Met 2018

KING OF SPADES: Beets the Green Ones

“We were eating supper at our house one night, and he described what he was seeing, that a few yards away all he could see was squirming purple worms.”
Lynn Hansen -- Actor Met 1972

QUEEN OF SPADES: Rattlesnake

“My husband always practices with his cards; it makes that little rattlesnake sound as the cards cascade together. He does it at church, in the car, the grocery store, when we are lying in bed, when he’s thinking, while working out, I’ve never been in an environment, except in the pool, no, no, when we first met, we went to the Jacuzzi, he took his cards there as well.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990

JACK OF SPADES: Lived to 103

“Tammy and I often reminisce about the visitors we have had on board our boat The Magic Castle as we sailed around the world. Richard had a deck of cards in his hand one day at the table. In amazement I asked him, ‘do you sleep with a deck of cards in your hand?’ He said he did. He also told me he would not trade his ability with the cards for the return of his vision. Richard is the best in the world with cards. He is their Master!”
John Calvert, Movie Star, Magician -- Met 1987

10 OF SPADES: Limited

“My Dad lived his entire life trying not to be like a blind person, so he doesn’t want to admit that he actually is. For years I have helped my Dad teach the card magic class at the San Antonio Academy. I noticed he never told the kids that he couldn't see them, nor did he hide it. It was only through the course of the week that the kids would clue into the fact their teacher could not see. My Dad did not talk about his vision nor hide it. If he could tell a card was face up in the facedown deck he would simply ask one of the students to make sure all the cards were facedown. Other times he might ask one of his helpers to pull out particular cards for him. It was from these casual actions that the students would clue into the fact that their teacher could not see. Once they figured it out, since my Dad never acted like he was limited in any way they also never acted like their teacher had any kind of disability. One of the most telling moments came when an eight-year-old girl from China said to my Dad, ‘Mister Turner, you invented all these games, you have been on TV, you can do all these amazing card tricks, and you're blind? That is so cool!!! When I grow up I want to be just like you!’”
Asa Spades Turner, Brilliant Son

ACE OF DIAMONDS: Card Mechanic – Magician

“I've been a little overweight most of my adult life, and if I only had six months to live, I'd move in with Richard - his work-out regimen is famous, or should I say, infamous?”
Paul Wilson -- Met 1993


“I think that Richard would enjoy the idea of being a spy…It is as close as you can get being a con man without breaking laws…In fact I would not be surprised if he actually was a government spy.”
Banachek, Mentalist -- Met 2007


“A man approached my table and asked me if I would like to see some card tricks. He was dressed in old fashioned gambling garb and had a killer handle bar mustache. I agreed to let the man show me some card tricks. When he heard my voice, he immediately knew it was me. I, on the other hand did not know it was Rick Turner who was standing at my table. He called me by my name and told me who he was. I was completely shocked at how robust and gorgeous he looked. Rick is the poster boy for all of the underestimated people in the world. He certainly showed us all how it’s done.”
Holly Crest-Vogel -- Met 1959


“Rick and I went for a walk on a hiking trail, and we came across a rattlesnake. Rick wasn’t going to budge for that damn thing and just kept picking up big rocks and throwing them at the snake, even though he had no exact idea where the hell it was until he finally killed it.”
Jim Flect -- Met 1989

10 OF DIAMONDS: Stricken

“Richard has inspired me with his energy, positive outlook, and the fullness of his life despite being stricken with what many people consider a disability. Moreover, I’m not even sure he knows he has a handicap.”
Steve Forte, Card Mechanic, Casino Protection Expert -- Met 1990


“Richard Turner is one of the finest slight-of-hand artists who’s ever lived. He fooled us with every single move he did!”
PENN & TELLER , Magicians, Vegas Headliners -- Met 2016


“Rick practiced throwing the cards; figuring out how much spin to put on them so they would sail a long way. Since he was blind it was hopeless for him to try and pick them all up so you could always tell where he'd been by the occasional card lying about.”
Russell Cedarburg, Actor, Musician -- Met 1974

QUEEN OF CLUBS: Frustrated

“I have heard Rick complain about his vision, and he gets really frustrated. When he’s down in spirit he doesn’t really like to show that to other people, he always wants to be seen as the strong person, and he doesn’t ever want anyone to think he’s weak.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990


“What I noticed first about Richard, was that damn smile of his. He seems pleased to just be alive.”
Todd Robins, Co-Starred in Conned -- Met 2007

10 OF CLUBS: Soup

“Richard’s technique as a secret soup that no one knows how to cook.”
Mr. Katsuragawa, Japanese TBS Miniseries -- Met 2019

ACE OF HEARTS: One Opinion

“My friend Richard Turner, in my opinion, is the finest exponent of gambling sleight of hand, that I have ever known.”
Larry Jennings, Magician -- Met 1976


"Richard's transcendent card handling artistry should be framed and displayed alongside this world's most cherished expressions of perfect beauty"
Paul Harris, Magician -- Met 1975

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Ever Understand

“It’s got to be hard being blind, I really don’t understand it myself, we live with it, but I don’t say that I can truly ever understand what it’s like to live in that world.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990


“Richard is kind of a contradiction; he uses his fingers and his hands to make a living. Yet, on the other hand, he’s constantly pounding them into heavy bags, and boards, and bricks, people’s chins, it’s like the worst thing you can do to your hands.”
Jason England, Magician, Card Mechanic -- Met 2004

10 OF HEARTS: Hernia

“Richard has trained himself to endure a level of pain others could not bear. He was in the middle of a show and commented to me he felt a hernia coming out of his gut. He continued entertaining the guests until he finished and just could not take it anymore, so I rushed him to the nearest hospital for treatment.”
Agent Rex Stone, Entertainment Agent -- Met 1992





“I believe that Richard’s fearless persona is truly an accurate portrayal, and that he fears little or nothing.”
Steve Forte, Card Mechanic/Casino Protection Expert -- Met 1990


“We did a lot of fishing for sharks mostly…with Richard actually driving his boat - an absurd idea that we, as crazy young people, had no problem with!”
Russell Cedarburg, Actor, Musician -- Met 1974


“If you play cards with Rick, you are fulfilling the old adage that ‘there’s a sucker born every minute.’ I have never played a game of any kind - cards, board, puzzle, checkers, and chess - where Rick has not beat me! His mind is so quick, and his sense of perception is so sharp that I swear he knows what move I’m going to make before I make it. He’s like a black widow spider spinning a web that will assuredly trap the victim, and no offensive or defensive maneuvers made will prevent you, the unsuspecting victim, from being eaten alive.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990


“I met Richard Turner sometime in 1978 or 1979. I had a couple of heavyweight guys from New York stand with me to watch one of the gambling sleight of hand fellas featured at the Desert Magic Seminar. The gambling sleight of hand wasn't bad for magicians but there were several "street tells" that my friends (Street Guys) picked up on and of course it looked like a magic show. Not so when I invited the same guys to secretly watch Richard Turner.”
George Joseph, Card Mechanic, Casino Protection Expert -- Met 1978

10 OF SPADES: Choices

“It’s amazing that the spectators get to make most of the choices. We get to shuffle and cut, and choose the desired card, number of players, and the winning hand.”
Mr. Maric Japanese TBS TV Mini Series -- Met 2018


“The example of Richard’s life suggests how anyone can use and enhance his or her other senses. It reveals how it’s possible to develop the Mind’s Eye to an exceptional degree while giving and receiving acceptance.”
Jon Racherbaumer, Author, Writer -- Met 2007


“It is his relationship with God that has made Richard into a truly honest man. And, if that relationship had not been at the heart of everything I dread to think of where he would be now, he’d probably be in a grave with a bullet between his eyes!”
Coleman Luck, Executive Producer, Mentalist -- Met 2005


“If this is 34 cards can I spend the night with Mr. Turner?”
Izumi, Super-Model, Japanese TBS Miniseries “Number One Knows” -- Met 2019


“Bill Bowers, who amazes everyone by his generosity and thoughtfulness, drove Chris Michaels and his wife, Evelyn, Judy Dolan, and myself to San Diego to attend Richard Turner’s wedding…I do not think that anyone in the entire world can do some of the things he does with cards and coins. Furthermore, he has many admiring friends because of his modesty, fairness, and honesty. I was honored by being the best man at his wedding and I shall never forget this most eventful occasion.”
Professor Dai Vernon, Richard’s Mentor -- Met 1975

10 OF DIAMONDS: Only One

“I’ve worked out with Mr. Turner for years. When it came to pushups, we didn’t do five sets of ten reps. No! No! We had to do only one set….of 500 reps!”
Master Gene Holtman, Black Belt -- Met 1984


“Richard Turner does things with cards that no one else in the world can do----no one. I don’t care if you go to China, France, or Germany, he does things that no one else can do and he performs them beautifully. But I say that’s very rare to have experts like that!”
Professor Dai Vernon, Richard’s Mentor -- Met 1975


“Even when Rick was only eighteen he would pull out a pile of twenties from his bottom drawer…winnings from poker…and would help pay the rent when our other roommate Birney and I fell short.”
Chris Turner, Artist/Actor -- Met 1972

QUEEN OF CLUBS: Preferred Lifestyle

“It is a bit odd, but what struck me most about Rick is that he seems normal. I mean normal in the sense that he doesn’t drink, smoke, use drugs, isn’t a womanizer, and is unlikely to stay out at all hours of the night like the guys back in Montana think is normal. This is my preferred lifestyle, my idea of a good man.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990


“I have seen over 10,000 magicians over my life and I’m going to announce who I believe is the best magician in the world…From the number one magician in Japan, I say the number one magician throughout the world is….Richard Turner!”
Mr. Maric Japanese Magician TBS TV Special -- Met 2018

10 OF CLUBS: Dumbest Thing

“In one of Richard’s promo literature pamphlets, it says, ‘Richard Turner practices sixteen hours a day’. When I read that, I thought, ‘Am I supposed to believe that? No one practices sixteen hours a day, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! Who’s going to believe that?’ Fast forward fifteen years, I’m staying at his house, he absolutely practices sixteen hours a day, he never puts the cards down.”
Jason England, Magician, Card Mechanic -- Met 2004


“We are delighted that you use an iPhone, and look forward to hearing your Wishlist for usability or accessibility features. Which iPhone model do you use? Do you also have an Apple Watch?"
Kim Silverman, Magician, Executive at Apple -- Met 2016


"Rick is very generous and, at the same time, very nuts! The generous thing Rick taught me was how to put together an act that was acceptable for performance at the Magic Castle, a long-time dream of mine. Now, this is where Rick is nuts! I would say it was after his fourteenth or fifteenth surgery when Rick finagled me into working-out with him. I figured after all those surgeries it should be a piece of cake. So, I worked-out with Rick one time, and one time only. Being the typical egotistical male, I tried hard to keep up with him, though at considerably lesser weights, and thought I had done a respectable job. Then, I tried to get out of bed the next morning. I could barely move, it took more than a week to recover fully. Never again!”
Doug Gorman, PHD, USAF Lt. Colonel-Retired, Magician -- Met 1998

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Divine Nature

“Rick is a spiritual person absolutely, definitively, without a doubt. I define spiritual as knowing that there is a divine nature to every person that comes through having a relationship with God. It is the unseen essence of God that gives mere humans purpose, power, and wisdom. Rick expresses it through his unfailing love for his family and friends, and his compassion for those whose hearts are aching.”
Kim Turner, Beautiful Wife of over three Decades -- Met 1990

JACK OF HEARTS: Executive Producer

“Rick always tries to give full effort to living out what he professes; Christianity takes first place in his life. It is primarily expressed in his daily behavior. You merely have to observe his love for his family and his care and concern for his friends to see it in action. He teaches by example. He treats life as a gift from God, every inch meant to be fully explored. Rick is very quick witted. He does things I truly believe are impossible and once Rick is gone…nobody will be able to do it!”
David McFadzean, Writer, Executive Producer- co-creator of “Home Improvement” -- Met 1978

10 OF HEARTS: Spaderman

"Dad, you are possibly the best dad ever. you take me everywhere!. I am thoroughly blessed to call you father. You push me when I need to be pushed; you encourage me when I need courage. You discipline me when I do wrong. I think that you are doing everything perfectly right.

Love, Your son, Asa Spades Turner

P.S. Thanks for making mom give me the absolute coolest name ever."
Asa Spades Turner, Brilliant Son